State Offices

These duties are given to you only for information when running for office and are based on the actual duties of that office.


Governor – Serves as Chief Executive Officer of Girls State. This person represents Girls State at various functions, speaking when needed. From time to time, she may be required to give the General Assembly information of Girls State. When bills are passed by the House and Senate, they go to the Governor for approval or rejection. The Governor will return the following year as a junior counselor and be the chief executive until the new Governor is elected.


Lt. Governor – Assists the governor in their duties when needed. She confers with the governor and state legislators to get legislation passed.


Candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor shall run as a ticket in the primary and general election.  Candidates must be from different schools.


Secretary of State – Receives and maintains important state documents such as the Governor’s Executive Orders and legislation enacted by the General Assembly.  This office is in charge of administering the election laws of the state, supervising registration of voters within the state. The office oversees land grants, warrants, surveys, and other similar transactions. The office maintains a complete roster of all registered voters. The Secretary of State appoints notary publics, and issues Kentucky Colonel Commissions. The Secretary of State maintains all records of all official acts of the Governor. This office is responsible for administering incorporation of businesses. This office is entrusted with filing, maintaining, and preserving certain historically significant documents and public records of the Commonwealth.


State Treasurer – Receives all state taxes and monies, pays out such money on proper warrant issued by the Department of Finance and reports regularly to the Governor on all receipts and expenditures. The State Treasurer is a member of the lottery board, ensuring that revenues generated are sufficient to fund the KEES program. The office administers the state’s unclaimed property fund program. This office monitors the state’s investments. This office records, verifies, and pays all federal, state, and local withholding taxes for employees of the Commonwealth.  She implements court ordered attachments against the salaries of state employees or monies owed to state vendors. She makes timely deposits of incoming revenues and records, monitors and reconciles all transactions in the state’s depository and checking accounts.


Attorney General – Provides legal services for the state government and centralized budget control for all of Kentucky’s prosecutors, Commonwealth’s attorneys, and county attorneys. This office oversees the consumer protection and environmental protection laws. It also oversees Administrative Hearings with such responsibilities as maintaining a pool of hearing officers, support staff, conducting administrative hearings for government boards and agencies. This office oversees child support enforcement, Medicaid fraud and abuse, and ensures consumer protection.


State Auditor – The Auditor is responsible for am independent audit of all accounts and financial transactions involving state funds. Other duties include examining annually the management and conditions of all state institutions and of the offices of the Department of Finance, the State Treasurer, and auditing periodically all state revenue collections, auditing county offices and make special audits and investigations when required by the Governor. The Auditor is also involved in technology audits, testing the security of state government computer systems, special investigations and performance auditing.


Commissioner of Agriculture – Several duties of this office include animal control issues, control and eradication of contagious, infectious and communicable diseases as relate to animals, assisting Kentucky beekeepers in the prevention and control of diseases, farmer’s marketing, market research, Kentucky agriculture and commercial trade, agricultural education, safety awar,eness to ensure safety of Kentucky farmers and their families, farmland preservation, pesticide regulations, equine industry, assisting producers administering inspections and manufacturers, agricultural businesses and Kentucky agricultural commodity groups with the marketing and production of their products.