Send in your application!

The application deadline is May 1st.. Make sure to have your paperwork in to Virginia Hobbs by then! 

Ask you guidance counselor at school to find out if there are any ALA members interested in sponsoring girls from your school or city. They can also help you fill out the application!


Start planning a bill!

Take a look at the sample bill and start thinking about ideas that are important to you. Are you passionate about animal rights, recycling, or something else you think is important to Kentucky? Start researching and writing a bill!

Everyone should come to Girls State with a draft of a bill to work on in committee meetings and eventually debate in House sessions. Don't wait to start!


Read up on offices. 

At Girls State, you will have the chance to run for a city or state office and serve as that position during the conference. Take a look at the job descriptions and think about what you might want to run for so you can start your campaign strong when you arrive!

Not running is okay, too, as there is plenty of opportunity for non-officers to engage in debate and bill authoring and still be involved. 


Pack your bags!

Here's some things you should remember to pack for the week!

  • Casual clothes

  • Professional attire (about 2 outfits!)

  • A bill and your research

  • $5 for a copy of your city picture

  • Twin size bedding 

  • Towel 

  • Snacks (if you want!)