City Offices

Girls are organized into small cities at the beginning of the week and meet nightly to discuss and reflect on the day, and take care of any other business. Girls run for and elect one another to fill the following positions and serve in these offices throughout the week.

Mayor – Chief Executive of the city, in charge of city council meetings, works with the city clerk on their day to day duties.

City Clerk – Does the roll call for each city council meeting, collects all money for pictures, videos, etc. Calls the roll at each session and reports anyone missing to the Supervisor, Chairman, or Director. Other duties as may be assigned by the Mayor. This is not an elected position.


Commissioners of Legislation (2) – Works on the Legislative Committee going over the bills submitted by the Girls State Delegates.  Types bill and puts them in order.


Commissioner of Inspiration – Inspires the girls in her city to reflect upon what happens each day. Plans fun things to do and games to play at night during city council meetings once business matters are concluded.


Commissioner of Media Relations – Provides updated information for the Facebook page to share activities and events with families, friends, and sponsors. Serves as a news correspondent for her city.

Commissioner of Community Development – Leads the City in Economic Development, which includes the development of a Main Street.

Commissioner of Talent – Encourages the girls to participate in the talent show and the Girls State Chorus. Comes up with an act for the city to do in the talent show, Gets participants together to practice for the talent show and for the Girls State Chorus.


Platform Committee – One selected for each party

Works on developing the platform for their party before election of state officers.


Rules Committee – One selected for each party

Work on developing the rules for conduct of the party convention.


Precinct Workers – Set up the polls for voting. Serve as poll officers. Four precinct workers are selected for each city.  These individuals may not run for office other than in the Legislature.

You must attend all sessions of Girls State to be eligible to run for any offices.